World Water Day Celebration

The Bogo Water District has conducted series of activities to raise awareness in preserving, conserving, and protecting our Mother Nature most particularly our Water Sources. On March 22, 2021, a motorcade was conducted and distribution of bleach and ecobags with water conservation tips, face masks, and tumblers were distributed to 1,500 BogoWD concessionaires. A photocontest continue reading : World Water Day Celebration


Malipayong namong ipahibalo nga naabot na ang amoang supply para sa disinfection o “bleach” para kini ipang-apud-apud sa atoang mga residential concessionaires agig pag-abag sa pagpanglimpyo sa atoang tagsatagsa ka panimalay ug alang usab sa pag-apud-apud ug Vitamins C para lamang sa mga rehistradong residential concessionaires nga mga Senior Citizens para sa pag-abag nga mapalig-on continue reading : READY FOR DISTRIBUTION “DISINFECTANT & VITAMIN C”

Cheerdance Contest

They say that a good dancer must have a good sense of rhythm and the ability to do the actual dances, but the BogoWD employees say otherwise. What makes a great dancer is the ability to control the stage and engage the audience. We may not be able to do the actual steps nor have continue reading : Cheerdance Contest

BogoWD Sports Fest

Cooperation! Collaboration! Coordination! These are the characteristics of a great team. Intelligence, talent, and strength alone won’t bring you and the rest of your team to the top. Yet, winning isn’t always what’s important, sometimes, the relationships we built, friends we met, the talents we discovered, and the fun we had is enough. Learning, socializing, continue reading : BogoWD Sports Fest