The Information Section of Bogo Water District is rich and detailed in information. Should you have any questions not answered in the site, you can use our Contact Form found in // or you can use the Phone Numbers listed there. Applications – Here you can find application forms that you can download so you can print and fill them up before presenting them to the Bogo Water District Office. Citizen’s Charter – Based on a powerpoint presentation used internally and externally by Bogo Water District to orient concessionaires, this page in the site is rich in information of whatever business a concessionaire entails when transacting with Bogo Water District. Facilities – Has a map and the list of Reservoirs and Pumping Stations that Bogo Water District Operates. Also includes technical information of the capacity of these facilities. Water Quality Report – Got any concerns with the quality of water you are getting from Bogo Water District? This page may answer your questions. Plumbers – Need a plumber in Bogo City to help you with your concerns? This page lists the names and contact number of accredited and recognized plumbers in Bogo City. Rates – Want to know how your bill is calculated? This page might help explain it to you. Payment Centers – Looking for a place to remit your payments? Look no further, but here. If none of the pages above have answered your question or concerns, you can always Contact Bogo Water District directly via phone or via our inquiry form.

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