The Bogo Water District conducted and distributed foldable handheld fans with water conservation tips to its concessionaires. This is in line with the celebration of World Water Day 2020.
This activity should have been accomplished on March 22, 2020, during the Motorcade but due to the Covid19 outbreak, the Agency had to reschedule in adherence to National Directives and Orders to help fight the spread of the virus. Thus, the said distribution activity was instead materialized on June 02, 2020, with the help of the Tellers.

The following were the scheduled dates of the distribution, to wit:
a. June 02, 2020 = 100 pieces
b. June 03, 2020 = 100 pieces
c. June 04, 2020 = 100 pieces
d. June 05, 2020 = 100 pieces
e. June 06, 2020 = 100 pieces
f. June 07, 2020 = 100 pieces
g. June 10, 2020 = 100 pieces
h. June 11, 2020 = 150 pieces
i. June 12, 2020 = 150 pieces
Total = 1,000 pieces

The same with the nature of the handheld fan, may the value of humility and purpose have instilled in the hearts of the people. It may be seen as small of value but the Agency believes that it is of big impact towards the promotion of water conservation, its effects may not be realized and felt today but the Agency assured that it should be for the days to come. Because the Bogo Water District believes that even the minute initiative has done today the next generation shall enjoy all the cream of our crop every single day.