Bogo Water District is a Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporation (GOCC), classified under Title II of Presidential Decree No.198, as amended otherwise known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973. It is a separate entity from the Local Government Unit and an income generating agency. It was formed on August 13, 1998 with the passage of a Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No.52-98, for its formation to arrest the continuing decline of the water supply service and to improve and expand its supply to a greater number of inhabitants. It was then created on December 28, 1998 under Conditional Certificate of Conformance CCC No.577 issued by Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), Quezon City, Philippines. At present, Bogo Water District is classified as Category C.

Bogo Water District has also the power and functions shall be those expressly granted under Title II, Presidential Decree No. 198 as amended, Board of Directors was then composed. There were 5 members including the Chairman. Its powers and functions shall be exercised, however, shall be to establish policy and not to engage in the detailed management of the Bogo Water District. The Board of Directors shall exercise and perform its power and duties through medium of Resolution and hold 2 regular meetings of every calendar month. Each director shall receive per diem each meeting actually attended in an amount approved by LWUA, based on the district’s category. The board also shall choose the General Manager, who shall not concurrently be a director and so the General Manager shall have exercise general provision, control and direction of the business and affairs of the Bogo Water District.

Bogo Water District started its operation on July 1, 1999, classified as Small Water District, having 832 domestic service connections, with the starting water rate of Php 90 per 10 cu.m. consumption, as endorsed by the Municipal Government. There were only 8 personnel including the General Manager. With no funds available, it was then through the help of Congressman Celestino E. Martinez, Jr. that a grant from Congressional Initiative Allocation was released through the administration of LGU Bogo, for the initial implementation of the expansion and improvement of water supply system for all the inhabitants of Bogo amounting to Php1.4M. A part of the development plan was prepared by LWUA. The rehabilitation project has undergone through planning to come up with the most cost effective and technically sound recommendations. The project was then realized costing to Php 27M, loan payable by Bogo Water District to LWUA through Asian Development Bank.

Bogo Water District serving 24 of the 29 Barangay within jurisdiction continues to be true to its Mission – Vision to see itself as the entity and committee responsible to provide safe, clean, potable and sustainable supply of water to all inhabitants of the City of Bogo and other possible areas today and well into the future.

At present, Bogo Water District is employing 26 regular/permanent employees including the General Manager and 29 Job Orders, occupying in the ground floor of the old Municipal Building, located at San Vicente St., Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines.