Bogo Water District celebrated its 21st founding anniversary last August 13, 2019.

Filled with pride and enthusiasm, the district’s management, guests, and employees along with their families gathered together to witness the various spectacles prepared by the organizing committee for this once in a lifetime event.

This month-long celebration did not only stir a roller coaster of emotion but it also strengthened the district’s display of cooperation, collaboration, and coordination. From indoor to outdoor games, individual to team sports – the district made sure that their employees aren’t only confined to the comforts of their office but were also able to enjoy themselves after a day’s work. Chess tournaments and singing contests were also held to develop and encourage the young ones to showcase their wits and talents. Games played by Filipino kids back in the old days were also relived.

Exhausting as it may seem, looking at the happy faces of everyone washes away all forms of exhaustion. A new surge of energy were found and it can be seen from the looks of the people present on that event as they parade their own interpretation of the boho look. The occassion made a couple of things possible – families gathered, old friends reconnected, and enemies were reunited.

Just like any other competition – conflicts arise, winners and losers were declared but we still made sure that sportsmanship would always prevail.

The celebration only showed that at BogoWD, we were able to find our home as well as a refuge against the storm. They’re may be tons of ups and downs ahead but we’ll surely stand tall against all odds.