There is fun in learning, as they say. However, how can you teach a person the value of teamwork without getting them bored?

Unity, Synergy, Solidarity! All of these words point out to a common goal – TEAMWORK.
Yet how can you make the team work?
In creating a team does not only mean forming a group of individuals to achieve one purpose. People from all walks of life have different personalities, armed with vivid perspectives, strong principles, and equipped with characteristics unique from others. Some may match but others may collide and that is when conflict starts. This is why a bond between members should be established and that alone is enough for a reason to commence a team building activity that would not only strengthen the team but could also boost each member’s faith and trust with oneself and with each other.
The BogoWD held its annual Team Building Activity last November 28-30, 2019 at San Remigio Beach Club. It is a three (3)-day event jam-packed with fun-filled activities crafted and intended for the employees to obtained first-hand learning experiences with much bliss and glee. We believe that learning cannot only be confine in the four corners of his/her own office but it can also be acquired even outside where fun and excitement truly exist. Though, the activity has exhausted each of the employees but it was evident that everyone was fueled by much endorphins, which made them smile, laugh, and very grateful amidst the stress and tiredness of each activity. Clearly, all the pain and the sweats were worth it for once again the spirit of “FAMILY” in the company was once awakened and improved. True, that it was only for a span of three days but surely the tattooed memories and learnings shall live for a lifetime. Those memories shall serve as a bond, a binding agent, which no one nor any thing can break it. Eventually, the employees were able to uncover and improve their potentials – Leadership and Decision-making, and core values – Servant Leadership, Caring Leadership, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability, Honesty, and God-centeredness.
In conclusion, the activity was able to bring out the best and the worst of everyone and that’s what makes the BogoWD family stronger and better. They shall continue and strengthen the path of public service embodying the mantra of servitude – “Teamwork always makes the dream work!”