Since the declaration of the El Nino Phenomenon last year, the City of Bogo has still been experiencing less rainfall even from the early part of this year until the early part of this summer. Due to the intense heat, the discharge capacity of our groundwater sources continues to decline even with the adjustments the District has done to have a longer pumping hour to fully compensate for the decreasing water yield. This also includes the Bulk Water Supply Provider of the Bogo Water District which also observes a decrease in their water source.
Accordingly, there is also an observed increase in the water demand from the BogoWD concessionaires due to warm weather and the control measures the community is doing during this COVID-19 crisis which we are facing.
Thus, the concessionaires are advised to practice Water Conservation Measures. BogoWD will continue to monitor its water sources and further updates shall be issued as appropriate.
BogoWD is also ensuring a continuous water supply to our Health Care Facility as the main center in fighting the COVID-19 crisis.
Rest assured, the drilling of two potential water sources will continue although progress is slower this time as there are measures beyond our control during this crisis that we are now facing.
Thank you.